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Wedding Flowers Terms & Conditions

Booking Fee

To book your wedding flowers we ask for a £65 booking fee. This fee is additional to your quoted cost, and pays for such as, quotes, consultations, communication, and admin. The booking fee is non-refundable. We cannot secure your date until we have received the booking fee.

Prices and dates are secure unless stated otherwise. 

Quotation & Payment

A quotation for the cost of your wedding flowers will be sent to you after your consultation. Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date received. 

If we do not receive a booking fee within 30 days of a quote being received, we may need to re-cost the flowers and provide an updated quote*.

You are able to make changes to your order up to 30 days before your wedding date*. We cannot accept changes from anyone other than the client  (i.e. the couple, or an appointed person for the wedding flowers who has been confirmed by the couple). Any changes are to be requested in writing via email.

The cost provided within your quote is an estimate and is subject to change. These changes would only ever be in-line with inflation, or due to changes in wholesale costs.

You will receive a final invoice approximately 30 days before your wedding. Upon receipt of your final invoice, we will also send a copy of your order. We ask that you check this carefully, and confirm in writing that the order is correct (payment being made will be taken in lieu of written confirmation not being received).

Payment is accepted by bank transfer. Payment in full is required at least 14 days before your wedding day. If payment is not received, flowers will not be ordered.

*Please note that if your order requires a new consultation and re-quote, this could incur an additional cost.


In the unfortunate event of cancellation, the booking fee cannot be refunded. Complete cancellation of the wedding must be advised in writing.

In the unlikely event that I have to cancel for unavoidable circumstances, for example in the event of fire, natural disaster, death, serious family illness or tragedy, all money paid by the client will be repaid. The company is only responsible for refunding monies paid, and not anything to do with any other costs incurred by the inconvenience.  All reasonable efforts will be made by my company to find a replacement florist option, to be paid for by the client.

If we have to take the decision to cancel due to slander, abusive conduct etc, all monies paid are forfeited and there is no right to any refund.

There are no refunds for cancellations of individual items after the final balance has been paid, unless agreed by both parties.

Cancellations made less than two weeks before the wedding date may forfeit full payment if Rock and Bloom has ordered flowers for the event and this order cannot be cancelled. 

Postponement or Cancellation

If you are postponing your wedding, you must check that we have availability for your new date. If we are available, your booking fee will be transferred to your new date. If we are unavailable for your new date, you will receive a refund of any other monies paid, except for the booking fee.

Please bear in mind that availability of certain flower varieties will change from season to season, and therefore, the flowers included in your original quote may not be available for your new date.

If the postponement/cancellation is prior to ordering your wedding flowers, your booking fee, and any other monies paid, will be transferred to your new date.

If the postponement/cancellation is after your flowers have been ordered, received, processed, and/or designed, you will be financially responsible for all flowers and labour provided. Any remaining balance can be applied to a future date, or will be refunded if we are unavailable for your future date.


Availability of Flowers

We will always try our best to work with you and your wish list and, if available, we will include your preferred flowers/foliage. However, we do not guarantee any specific stem types. If stems are unavailable or of poor quality, we will use suitable alternatives and try to match these as closely as we can to your requirements.

All fresh flowers are subject to availability, and undergo stringent quality checks.


Hired Items

If you are hiring any items from us such as, props, vases, candleholders, stands, etc. you will be required to pay a damage deposit, to be paid via bank transfer at the time of paying final payments. The deposit amount will be dependent on items hired. This deposit will be refunded upon the safe return of all hired items. Responsibility of removing hired items will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the event.

Charges will be made for any damage or loss of any of the hired items. 

Replacement of goods is charged at the current purchase price. It is the responsibility of the hirer to reclaim any of these costs from the venue, if the venue was at fault.

Equipment hired remains the property of Rock and Bloom at all times.


Set up & Load Out

Where there is set up and load out required, this will be charged at a pre-agreed price.

Rock and Bloom will be responsible for the removal of all hired items after the event, unless this has been otherwise agreed.

Use of Magnets

You may be asked if you would prefer magnets instead of pins to attach corsages onto clothes. Please ensure that guests wearing these do not have a pacemaker fitted. A magnet may stop the pacemaker from working properly. Rock and Bloom accepts no responsibility for any resulting health issue which may arise from magnets and pacemakers, or ICDs.


The client must inform the florist of any allergies they or their party may have to certain flowers/foliage, etc. If you do not inform us of any allergies, we cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions that may occur.


Rock and Bloom reserves the right to take photographs of flowers and the setting prior to the event which may be used for promotional purposes.


Rock and Bloom accepts no liability for injury, loss, or damage to the hirer, or any third party with regard to any equipment hired for use at the event.

It is up to the client to provide correct locations for deliveries. We shall not take responsibility for lateness caused by an incorrect address or inadequate directions.

We shall not take responsibility for lateness due to an unforeseen circumstance, or event out of our control. 

We will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages sustained as a result of broken glass, materials, or dyes/sprays that may be used. Liability is limited to the supply of goods only. No responsibility will be accepted for any consequential loss.

Force Majeure

The due performance of this contract is subject to alteration or cancellation due to a Force Majeure Event. A Force Majeure Event means an event beyond the control of a party, which by its nature could not have been foreseen or, if it could have been foreseen, was unavoidable, and includes, without limitation, acts of God, storms, floods, riots, fires, sabotage, civil commotion or civil unrest, interference by civil or military authorities, acts of war or armed hostilities or other national or international calamity or one or more acts of terrorism or failure of energy sources. For the avoidance of doubt, Force Majeure does not include circumstances where the Florist(s) attend an Event to perform the services and any of the parties fail to attend, nor does it apply to cases of illness, injury or personal circumstance.

Complaints                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Any complaints must be made within 24 hours along with photographic evidence. No responsibility can be taken with regards to poor condition once flowers have been accepted. We are not responsible for damage caused to flowers during the event.

No responsibility can be taken with regards to the condition of flowers or any other items used, if Rock and Bloom has advised against using these.

Additional Terms

Any mock bouquets made for you, along with any designs, mood boards, sketches, and photographs of our work we allow you to view and/or take away with you are subject to copyright laws (The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988) and therefore you are not permitted to show them to, or allow them to be copied or used by any other florist or floral designer without the express consent of Rock and Bloom. If you choose not to use Rock and Bloom to provide your wedding flowers, any designs, sketches and photos must be returned without being copied.

When you place an order with us or make an online enquiry we gather certain information which you submit, including an address and contact details that we require to action your request. We will not sell, lend, or disclose your information to any third party other than for the dispatch of your order.


We reserve the right to update the Terms and Conditions at any time. By paying your booking fee, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, and any changes that are made. These will always be minor changes to wording only. Any major changes will be presented to you via email.

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